The Story Of How I Fell in Love – A MUST READ

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The Story Of How I Fell in Love – A MUST READ

One of my really good friends was getting married and despite knowing my “sole-proprietor” status (as I hear singlehood is now termed in entrepreneurial circles), sent me an invitation for two to their wedding ceremony. How ironic. Either way, I happily accepted the invitation. Days flew past and I didn’t put much thought into the issue of my “escort”.

On the day of the wedding, still with no suitable company, I consoled myself with the often wise words of my friend Steve who says, “you don’t carry the sun to the beach – you only pack your choice of sunscreen.”

I had to meet someone on my way to the ceremony, who ended up keeping me waiting for almost an hour.  Just when I was getting up to leave, he walked in with this girl who was so cute, classy and absolutely hilarious. Who would have known she would gladly agree to escort me to the ceremony on such short notice!

During the ceremony we constantly exchanged jokes while we desperately tried to fake cute and civil – it  turned out she had friends at the wedding; she introduced me to hers, I introduced her to mine. We had loads of fun.

We kept in touch over the next few months, we would see each other every now and then but soon her boyfriend got worried about the rhythm at which our friendship was growing so when things got complicated, we had to cut ties. I had just started to warm up to the possibility of a good long friendship but now it was over.

One day, a little over a year later, I met this new girl – she was trendy, beautiful, and fun – she was a lot more  like my earlier friend, just a tad bit more refined. I laughed my head off the day I realized how stalker-ish I had become when I downloaded a photo of her online and made it my phone’s screensaver. But then, there was something different about this girl, I really liked her and I intended to keep her around for a long while.

After months of random coffee dates and late night texting sessions, planning fantasy trips and  exchanging sweet nothings, I finally mastered the courage to ask her out. She said, yes!

A zillion fights and a couple of breakups and makeups later we’re still together – I even dare say stronger than ever. There’s nothing overly romantic about our relationship or how we met, but she’s still as fun as ever, she treats me better than any girl ever has and she’s taught me how to be a better man.

Just yesterday, she showed me a picture we took the day we met, her in her little black fitting dress and a cute little black belt with the words “NIKON” imprinted in yellow all around it. I laughed hysterically comparing her past loud and adventurous sense to her presently more sophisticated and stylish “CANON” fashion sense.

This is my tribute to photography – to the difference she has made in my life, to the life that she now allows me to live; to the confidence, joy and bliss she has brought to my life. I once asked her what took her so long to come into my life – she smiled and answered confidently, that she knew a long time ago that we were meant to be, she just had to wait until I was ready to accept it.

In the comments below, please do share about your passion, the love of your life – how did you meet? Whats your story? How did love find you?


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