Introducing: The Pink Project

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Introducing: The Pink Project

Friends, I am so very excited. Today i share with you about a project I’ve quietly been working on for the past couple weeks in collaboration with good friends – The Pink Project.

Breast cancer is one of the leading killers of women today. Yet with early detection and treatment gives a 99% chance of recovery. Yes, 99%. So for breast cancer month this year, I invite you to give your time, talents and influence to help reduce the burden of cancer in Africa, by:

  1. Talking about breast cancer: the causes, the interventions to prevent and manage the disease, and…
  2. Getting every woman to go out and get a breast examination.

Again, with early detection, breast cancer is 99% curable. So save your best friend, your sister, your neighbour, your mother or your daughter.

Please go to and save a woman you care about. We invite you to blog, tweet (#ThePinkProject), or just tell your friends. The more women we can get to have a breast examination, the more powerful our efforts will be. Thank you.

Start here:

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